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Professional Products

Vitamin Milk Cleanser 1000ml $94.00

For all skin type. A glycerin based creamy cleanser that effectively removes dirt and impurities while providing moisture into the skin. Formulated with lactic acid and vitamin C to brighten and gently exfoliate, leaving the skin more refined and softened.

Anti Bac Cleansing Gel 1000ml $94.00

This anti0bacterial cleanser with salicylic acid purifies pores and eliminates excess sebum without stripping the skin. Restores skin’s balance and prevents breakouts.

Physiological Cleansing Gel 1000ml $94.00

For all skin types. Effectively removes dirt and impurities while protecting the skin s barrier. Formulated with natural ingredients, it remove free radicals, PH balances and hydrates the skin leaving it clean and healthy.

Papaya Granule Peels 150g $80.00

All skin type applicable protein soluble cleansing enzyme powder. It effects on dirt removal and controls the sebum by its special formulation, produced by granule method that has its own patent.  It also can help deep cleansing the skin without any imitation with natural papaya enzyme component.

Endogene K Solution 1000ml $98.00

For couperose, rosacea, and sensitive skin types. Ideal for post laser treatments and skin with fragile capillaries. Specially formulated with natural vitamin ingredients to reinforce the walls of capillaries and calm redness and inflammation. Gives serious relief for hypersensitive skin and produces a more supple and revitalized complexion.

Physiological Complex Toner 1000ml $94.00

For all skin types, A soothing and hydrating toner that balances skin’s natural PH and increases hydration levels. Allows skin to calm and decongest while enhancing circulation and moisture levels.

Anti Bac Toner 1000ml $94.00

For oily, problem-prone skin and pigmented skin. An anti-bacterial formula with salicylic acid that helps clarify the skin by removing dead cells and regulating excess sebum and inflammation. Balances the skin and promotes and inflammation. Balances the skin and promotes circulation resulting in a refreshed, toned appearance.

Calming Infusion Essence 500ml $172.00

Containing moisturizing agents such as Bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract provide long lasting moisture to the skin to maintain moisture level.

Moisture Oxygen 500ml $158.00

For all skin types. Prevents tightness and dryness from loss of lipids and natural moisturizing factors in the skin. Calms and hydrates the skin particularly after IPL or Laser procedures. Also effective in preventing and clearing acne blemishes.

Perfect Clarifying Peeling Gel 250ml $90.00

The natural ingredient of Cellulose gently removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin

Tox Peel Program set $600.00

The ingredient of 30% AHA effectively removes dead skin cells from the surface of skin as well as stubborn dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth. V-Tox™, which contains various Peptides and Niacinamide, makes skin healthy and elastic by effectively working on skin after removing dead skin cells.

O.S Aloe Med 500ml $84.00