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Elite Facials Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120 / 10times $950

Have one of our aestheticians customize an Eminence facial just for you!

비타민 이온토 미백관리

Iontophoresis Vitamin Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

A transdermal delivery system in which a substance carrying a charge is delivered through the skin by a low electrical current.

꽃미남 피부관리

Gentleman's Facial Treatment

90minutes - 1Time $100 / 10Times $800

A revitalizing facial that invigorates Enzymes to give you a polished look and feel. With it's warm and tingling sensation, Enzymes help fight the aging process while carrying away waste products that cause skin to look dull and less vibrant. It will leave skin as soft as it’s ever been. Perfect for all skin types and this treatment includes deep cleaning and massage of face, neck, shoulder and arms, with tone and moisturizing at the end.

초음파 리프팅

Ultra Sonic Facial Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

Ultrasonic provides complete and consistent exfoliation with no irritation or inflammation. It uses no crystals, salts or chemicals, perfect alternative for those with Sensitive Skin, Acne, Rosacea, or anyone who requires more gentle skin resurfacing to treat common photo-age skin damage. The GlyMed Plus Ultrasonic Peel helps to increase firmness.

고주파 리프팅, 탄력 및 이중턱 관리

Radio Frequency Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

Tightening Massage Therapy System is the best face and neck rejuvenation treatment. RF is a gentle and relaxing way to reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate, and tighten the skin using radio-frequency energy therapy.


Aqua Peel Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

Iontophoresis, an Aqua Peel is a safe, multi-faceted approach to skin integrating vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and revitalization.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

A manual way to exfoliate the top layers of the skin. Tiny micronized crystals help buff and polish the epidermis, giving your skin a smoother, softer and younger appearance.

LED Light Therapy Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

Increases circulation, stimulates the production of collagen, helps to repair damaged skin, decreases pore size, kills bacteria that causes acne, increases moisture retention, firmer skin and so much more!

PDT (Photodynamic therapy)

90minutes - 1time $120

PDT reduces the activity of the acne-causing sebaceous glands beneath the skin. It kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin and it only affects targeted cells, helps to maintain skin integrity.

Toxpeel Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

V-tox which contains various peptides and niacinamide, restores the skin’s elastin, collagen and moisture levels which results in firmer, smoother and more youthful looking skin by removing dead skin cells.

Magnetic Mask Treatment

90minutes - 1time $120

Magnetic properties of the iron-based formula helps reduce signs of aging skin and lifts away the look of stressed skin.


Chemical Peel

90minutes - Face$150, Back $180


AMTS (Auto Microneedle Therapy System)

90minutes (Anti-Aging Collagen Ampoule) - 1Time $150 / 5Times+5Times$600

AMTS is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is safe and has an excellent effect on piercing into the skin by numerous needles automatically. Superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation, direct EGF supply in deeper layer of skin without an epidermal damage. Improves fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, acne scar, skin texture and pore size. Light peeling afterwards, 1-2 days downtime.

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Image Skin Clinic Members- 5 Special Packages

Whitening Pigmentation (잡티, 색소침착) – $650
IPL Laser 1 + Whitening IPL W/ Toning + Aqua Peel or Vitamin 2

Acne, car (여드름, 흉터) – $ 850 
Hollywood Spectra laser 2 + Sellas Fractional 2 + Aqua Peel 1

Scar, Pore (흉터, 모공) – $1,050
Whitening Laser Toning 2 + Sellas Fractional 2 + Scarlet RF Tightening 1

Pore, Lifting (모공, 주름) – $1,200
Sellas Fractional 3 + Scarlet RF Tightening 1 + V-Max Hifu Lifting 1

Lifting, Whitening (주름, 색소) – $1,350
Scarlet RF Tightening 2 + Sellas Fractional 2 + V-Max Hifu Lifting 1

*AS of December 1, 2019, all of our packages will change. Please note that our existing client’s purchased packages will be valid for services/treatments.
*저희 이미지에서 2019년12월부터 모든 팩키지가 변경됩니다. 기존 고객님들의 팩키지는 지속해서 사용 가능함을 알려드립니다.